about kitty's canine clips puppy being trimmedIf you’ve been in the Anne Arundel area for a while, you might remember the shop as far back as 1971 and under the name “Kitty’s Dawg Patch.” The business has remained in the family, and you can rest assured that the skills, experience and professionalism are still with us with even more talent and education added to ensure a pleasant and rewarding visit to Kitty’s Canine Clips. Learn more about Kitty’s Canine Clips today!

About Kitty’s Canine Clips in Annapolis MD

Kitty’s Canine Clips is conveniently located off of Chinquapin Round Road on Lincoln Dr. in Annapolis. Our grooming clients then meet up with their individual groomer for specific grooming instructions, skin care needs, and return time. We have many options available for haircuts, therapeutic skin care needs, teeth and nail care, shedding dogs, or just a really dirty pet!

Each pet is walked into or placed in a clean private crate with fresh water and bedding (if preferred) while waiting his or her turn. Our facility has five full-time groomers with their own dryers, equipment, and bathing tubs to help eliminate any undue “crate time.” We also have multiple new and state of the art air conditioning systems to keep our grooming area cool, safe and comfortable.

PetTech PetSaver Program

A key feature about Kitty’s Canine Clips is that we offer the PetTech PetSaver Program. This is an 8hr program that teaches hands-on skills for preventing, recognizing and assessing, and responding to an emergency with your pet. Because we are committed to pet safety and care, all Kitty’s Canine Clip staff members complete the PetSaver program.
You can find more information about this program on our services page.

Please contact Laura Thistle laurettecollc@yahoo.com for questions and upcoming schedule or call us at 410.267.9119.